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Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice music ! I really like it ! Can i use it for an animation ? You will be credited (not money, but of course being on the credits).

msevaamore responds:

Yes you may :) That means a lot to me :) <3 Thank you. :D

Terrible voice acting Terrible voice acting

Rated 3 / 5 stars

[Sorry if you missinterpret what i'm trying to say, because you maybe can missinterpret it due my not so high english language level] You said that you are not good at voice acting trying to do those voices (like Darth Vader, well it sounds like him... Or some one evil) ? That's not all voice acting... When you talk normally, like in the start of this recording... You sound pretty nice... I have a worst normal voice than yours, i really hate my voice when i hear it recorded... You have a nice voice and voice acting is not only do the voices of dragons, evil guys, monsters, etc... You can be perfectly the voice actor of a human and normal channel. As i said, i don't like my voice and i'm learning how lip-sync so i am, somewhat ready to do animation with voices... I hope that if someday i have a project, i can count with you to be the voice... If you agree of course...

KristofferAG responds:

I would love to do voice acting for you. Thanks for the compliments. I guess just using my regular voice would be enough. Don't always need to make up a voice for it to be useable, right?