Entry #2

My last sorry.

2012-12-22 22:13:05 by OMK123

I'm really sad and disappoint of myself...
I requested voice actors for a flash project, Doom: Repercussions of Evil, i hadn't got the animation done... and that was my error. I've been really lazy, mostly because i've been in the school. So i couldn't continue the flash and for recent PC malfunctions, i had to format my PC from a moment to other, losing much files, between them the flash and all the voices.
Anyway, i wouldn't re-take the project because i would still be lazy and the project would never end. So i want to sadly tell my project partners with this post that i quit the project. Thanks for all the support and voices you've granted. They are all amazing but i just can't, i'm a noob animator... This already happened to me, so i guess next time i want to make a project, i must be sure to make the animation before asking for the voices.

I want to apologize with to 3 users:
-angelicboy1994 (who i made to re-do all the voices and work a lot)
-Ryry67dude (who looked really excited to do the voice of this project)
-Omahdon (who accepted without problems and did it for fun)

You 3 guys were really amazing, and i'm really sad that i disappointed you. I'm a jerk. This and others things made me take the decision to leave this NG account and start a new one. I hope that someday i could work with you 3 again for the same project.



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